NOTICE: This Blog has not been updated since 24 January 2012. As such its content will be outdated. Please visit the website of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations for updated information on my work.

Welcome to this blog.

I created this site in order to promote a liberal understanding of our country. To promote dialogue and tear down the shackles of fear and intimidation that encourages silence and apathy. We have been taught and trained to not care about politics (which means that we are in turn abused for that very apathy). We as a (Maldivian) people have been trained to NOT take initiative. That needs to change.

More importantly, we need to stand behind our views. We need to stop hiding behind anonymity and take responsibility for our words. We worked hard for democracy, but the only way that freedom can be protected is through creation of a democratic foundation within our country.

The job we started, that others started before us is not done. With the 2008 election, we took the first true step. Yet the truth remains that we are so close to regression, we need to make sure we are taking steps forwards and not backwards.

Take these steps with me.

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