“I have no personal ambition in the Maldives”

Disclaimer against association with Hilaalige, GIP, MDP, and the Government

Though I do speak out against the conservative religious establishment in the Maldives – my views do not represent my father’s or mother’s views. Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan and Madam Ilham Hussain have no say in what I write or publish. They have taught me to be independent and follow my own path. I know people will try and attack them because of me, and any coward who would try to use my views to publicly criticize them is welcome to show their ignorance and their support of a degraded, conservative and illiberal society.

My views neither represent, nor are endorsed by the MDP (Maldivian Democratic Party, the GIP (Gaumee Itthihaad Party), or the Government.

My picture is on this blog to be personal and to show that I am not afraid of those who oppose my views. To encourage others to be confident in expressing themselves and not to hide in fear from conservative and repressive elements of our society. We are a free people, and we need to start acting like one.

The pictures of other politicians from the 2008 Presidential campaign are here because we promised a full democracy to our people. We promised to go the whole distance. And though many of the politicians have stayed from our intended path, the job is still not done. We need to establish an executive, legislative and judiciary that is truly independent. That is balanced. That is checked by each other. That means that the old tendencies of autocracy must be eradicated. That democracy is actually given a full and proper chance for success.

There is no such thing as a “unique” democracy. Democracies must safeguard the individual’s basic rights to education, speech, health and liberty. It must be liberal and effective. People cannot be censored, intimidated, or trampled upon. This is our journey. This is our path.